Hey dance lovers, SOUL DANCE STUDIO invites you to join our dance classes in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi to get highly professional dance training and fun-filled super exciting fitness workout programs. Here at the Soul dance studio, you will learn all international dance styles like Bollywood dance, hip hop dance, contemporary dance, salsa, bhangra & much more. The soul dance studio is serving since 1996 & got many awards as the best dance academy in Delhi for hard work and superior quality. Not just dance, we also conduct fitness classes like yoga classes, aerobics & Zumba classes in Rajouri garden. We have different age groups like kids dance classes, adult dance classes, and ladies’ dance classes, etc. You can have classes on weekdays, also we have weekend dance classes for working professionals. The studio offers different dance classes like Bollywood Dance ClassesHip Hop Dance ClassesContemporary Dance Classes, Salsa Dance Classes, Bhangra Dance Classes, and many more. We have a yearly dance certification course and a professional diploma in dancing. After joining our dance classes you can also be a part of our dance shows and video shoots. Dance classes near meDance classes near me for kids, Best Dance Classes in Delhi.

Best Dance Academy

Soul Dance Studio offers Professional Dance Classes for talented and hardworking dancers. This Dance course includes 5 days a week dance classes which include everything you need to learn about dance and other stuff which will help you in learning different dance styles and making carrier in the dance. In this dance course, you will learn different dance styles & Aerobics, Zumba, Bollyfit.


Soul Dance Studio provides the best wedding choreographer in Delhi. We make sure that you will rock the stage with your performances. Team Soul Dance Studio provides wedding choreography services in Delhi for all age groups whether it’s a 4-year kid or 80 years, grandpa. We also provide services at your place. Click here for Wedding Choreography in Delhi.


We at Soul dance Studio provides dance lesson for kids at Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. The minimum age required is 4 years for enrollment. Our trainers include Dance, Yoga for kids & Games in our dance classes for kids. We teach Bollywood dance songs and Hip hop moves in our classes. Talented students can shake their leg in advance dance classes also. Click for Kids Dance Classes in Rajouri Garden.


In 1995 . Institute For Performing Arts. is the only institute in all over India which got Best dance and music academy award Eight times. It was his hard work and dedication for dance that made a very known brand in this country. conducts Dance Classes, Vocal Music Classes, Guitar Classes, and other activities.

Establishment Of Soul Dance Studio

Best Dance Academy Award

Once it is good, but twice is great’ relives its exceptional legacy by winning the “Best Dance & Music Academy Award 2016”. It feels awesome when luminaries like Shekhar Suman pat your back!
Heartfelt gratitude to Pradeep Adwani sir, his mentorship, guidance, vision, and motivation is the reason that we got appreciated twice at National level.#Hardworkt#Achievement#Done it again#Working for more 


Once is good, twice is great but you know what, now it’s become our habit. All thanks to Pradeep Sir, but now we have become addicted to this success. We work longer, strive harder, and perform better than we ever did each time. And thus this year too we gain the title of the ‘BEST DANCE & MUSIC ACADEMY AWARD – 2017’ and what’s cherry on the cake: it’s our third. Feeling on cloud 9 to receive it from the greatest Indian lyricist, Prasoon Joshi. Today we all take this opportunity to bow down to you Pradeep Sir. It’s you and &you because of whom it has become possible. It’s your vision, teaching, and blessings that have to lead us here. Hats off to this legend #Pradeep Sir who’s whole life & work is an inspiration for others!2018

Best Of The Best

The year 2018 was a blast year for Soul dance studio. This was the year when we got the award for the best dance and music academy from three different prestigious platforms. What an honor to get felicitated by legendary Bollywood actress & India’s Got Talent Judge Smt. Kirron Kher & Sh. Rajeev Mishra a well-known media professional and founder of Electronic Media Rating Council of India. It’s nice to beat your own benchmark and set new standards.

After that again we got an award for the same. This was the fifth time when we declared the best in Delhi NCR. But as this year was about to create history for our dance company,  again we were proud to be entitled as ‘The Best Dance & Music Academy’for the sixth time. And receiving it from the veteran Bollywood Actor Mr. Sunil Shetty was an honor.

Soul Dance Studio: Your home for all things dance 

Here at Soul Dance Studio, we want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to shine and be themselves! This is why we offer a wide variety of courses that are available for people of all ages. 

Choose from a variety of courses where our instructors will be glad to help you out and hone your skills in dancing. To learn more about this, take a look at our different categories for dance lessons below: 

Dance lessons for toddlers 

You can never be too young to start dancing! After all, some of the best dancers start even when they’re in diapers. We offer dance lessons for toddlers where these amazing kids will work with their parents to get a head start on some of the basic dancing techniques. With a variety of adorable music and kind instructors, you are sure to have an amazing time with your little toddlers. 

Dance lessons for kids 5-9 years old 

When kids grow out of their toddler years, this is the time when they’re full of energy. We also offer lessons for kids 5-9 years old and start with some basic dance routines. These lessons are held every weekend and can also be attended with parents or guardians. 

Dance lessons for kids 10-15 years old 

When kids are on the cusp of being a teenager, they could potentially need an outlet to express themselves and exert their energy. Our dance lessons for kids 10-15 years old are sure to get them moving and learning some of the best dances out there. 

Dance lessons for 16 to 25 year-olds 

Young adults nowadays are passionate about dancing and some of the latest trends. We teach more advanced techniques to our students aged 16-25 and groom them for competitions if they are interested. 

Dance lessons for 26-year olds and above 

The art of dance has no age, and so we also offer dance lessons for 26-year-olds and above! The difficulty level here depends on the student’s knowledge and skill in dancing. 

Dance rehearsals, recording and consultation

Aside from our lessons, our studio is also open for rehearsals and recording. We have large rooms where you can practice with a group and record music videos too! On the other hand, we also allow consultations for events and upcoming competitions, that way you can take every opportunity to show off your dancing skills. 

About Soul Dance Studio

Driven by a passion for dance, Wakashima Dance School is a studio that has been open for more than a decade. With amazing, dedicated teachers who have worked hard to teach hundreds of students, we continue to be one of the best dance studios in the area. One day, we hope to reach out to more students and offer more courses in dance genres.