Aerobics – Zumba Classes

SOUL DANCE STUDIO presents the best AEROBICS – ZUMBA CLASSES IN RAJOURI GARDEN, DELHI. We offer a lot of fitness activities like Aerobics lessons, Zumba Classes, Bollyfit, Cross-Fit, etc. Our cardio programs are highly intensive as well as entertaining and full of fun. In the one-hour session, people can burn 500 to 700 calories, regular fitness classes with a healthful diet strategy can give you excellent outcomes. People admire our dance base cardio program which we call BOLLY FIT, it includes the latest amazingly choreographed Bollywood numbers to dance on. For 40 plus ladies, we have introduced a unique mat exercise program which is a fusion of authentic Indian yogas blended with advanced exercises. Our session helps you in losing weight in a very healthy way. Usually, a person can lose up to 5 kg of weight in a month with our fitness programs.