Kids Dance Classes

Soul Dance Studio provides regular Dance Classes for Kids in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. We have two groups for kids dance classes first is 4 to 8 years old group, which goes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday evening 5 to 6, another is 8 to 12 years old, which goes on Tuesday Thursday & Friday eve 5 to 6. For the first group (4to8-year-old), we teach Bollywood and freestyle dancing. Our choreographer takes new songs and choreographs them for your kid so that they can dance on any occasion. For the second age group ( 8 to 12), we teach Bollywood dance, Hip-Hop dance, and Bhangra.

We start our classes with a warmup routine which includes some aerobic exercise to improve mobility, strength, rhythm sense in your kid. Then they learn steps on different songs and class ends with some game activity or stretching exercises. We also teach kids on different occasions like school functions, weddings, birthday parties, etc. We also teach them to dance according to the festive season like BHngra, Dandia, Garba, etc. Best Kids Dance Classes, Kids Dance Classes Near Me. Click here for kids dance classes in south Delhi